This year we are changing things up! We are currently working on two projects in two different camps. One project will be carried out in Moria, Greece and the other in Calabar, Nigeria. Read on for more information!


This year we are planning to realise two projects, one again in Moria camp, in Greece and another in a refugee camp in Calabar, Nigeria.


For many refugees, Greece represents a shelter from the danger they're trying to escape from, in their home countries. With a location so close to Turkey, Lesvos, in particular, has been a hotspot for the arrival of refugees across the Mediterranean. Most areas in Lesvos are still not properly equipped to host the estimated 20,000 refugees on the island, lacking access to some basic needs, like electricity, sanitation, and heating, resulting into awful living conditions.


For our first project, we have teamed up with Eurorelief, which is an NGO in charge of camp management and provision of basic services, to create a solar lighting system to help relieve the reliance on diesel generators they currently have. This will provide more reliable lighting and save money on fuel and electricity as they will be solar-powered.


According to UNHCR Nigeria currently houses over 2 million refugees. One camp that began to take in refugees since 2015 is the Bakassi Camp, in Calabar. The main residents of this camp are citizens from Cameroon fleeing political tensions in their homeland. Unfortunately, the camp lacks the basic provision of water and electricity, with remote access to portable water and absences of proper lighting. This amongst other problems also raises concerns for safety of the women in the camp. Thus based on the needs of the camp our project in Calabar involves the installation of a solar power lighting solution together with solar-powered water pumps.

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