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Future Projects

Here you can learn everything about our upcoming projects for 2023 

Tuyoor Al amal School, Lebanon

Tuyoor Al Amal school is a school based in Tripoli (Lebanon) that educates 2400 displaced Syrian children day and night. The school hosts children who cannot enroll in government schools because of a variety of barriers such as transportation problems and expenses, discrimination and language barriers. The goal of the school is to provide the children with the tools to help them succeed.

However, currently, they have extremely limited access to electricity. They occasionally receive 1 or 2 hours of electricity per day from the national grid. When not available, they rely on an expensive and polluting diesel generator. In this project, the EfR team 2023 aims to reduce the school’s dependency on the local utility and generator by upgrading the generation and storage capacity of their existing energy system. This in turn will reduce direct emissions and electricity costs. After a careful estimation, PV panels will be added on their roof and more batteries will be installed.

Stay tuned to hear more about our development with the Tuyoor Al Amal School project!

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