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Future Projects

Here you can learn everything about our upcoming projects for 2023

Tuyoor Al amal School, Lebanon

EfR 2023 Team designs and operates a combined electrified energy system of Tuyoor Al amal School. This school, located in Tripoli (Lebanon), is dedicated to the defense and promotion of education and human rights of migrants and refugees. This combined energy system, consisted of PV panels and batteries with a generator, will help them to reduce costs and redirect resources for expanding and improving the services provided to the students and refugees, including digital equipment and increasing learning capabilities, and water heating pump and air conditioning. Now we are happy to announce that we will work further with Tuyoor Al-Amal School. The next phase of project aims to reduce direct emissions and costs by upgrading the generation and storage capacity of their existing energy system and reduce their dependency on the local utility and the diesel generator. Besides providing generators, we will also install more PV panels to cover the electricity demand from the builiding. Stay tuned about our more detailed collaboration with Tuyoor Al amal School!

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