Future Projects

Here you can learn everything about our upcoming projects for 2022.

Habibi Works, Greece

The team came to know about the lovely community center, Habibi Works, from one of our alumni that went there as a volunteer. Last year's team proposed the idea to realize a project there in order to assist them financially. This community center, located next to Katsikas Camp at Ioannina, helps refugees that reside there as well as locals.  Habibi works has been created by the German NGO,

Soup & Socks e.V. back in 2016

and consists of 11 different working

areas (from library, gym, and

computer room to plastic recycling

and woodwork areas) in which

people create, learn, teach and meet.

Later this year, the EfR team is

planning on traveling to Greece,

to install photovoltaic panels

along with a battery system for Habibi Works. Our engineering team has modeled an off-grid photovoltaic system which will cover  a great portion of their electricity bill, thus helping them financially every month. We truly hope that with the extra amount of money they will be able to help even more people and spread the kindness!


FM4 El Paso Libre, Mexico

 EfR 2021 Team designed and bought a PV system to FM4 Paso Libre. This non-profit organization, located in Jalisco Mexico, is dedicated to the defense and promotion of human rights of migrants and refugees. This PV system has helped them reduce costs and redirect resources for expanding and improving the services provided to refugees, including meals, showers, and humanitarian phone calls. Now we are happy to announce that we will work further with FM4. The next phase of project aims to reduce FM4 direct emissions and costs by electrifying their gas stoves. Besides providing electric stoves, we will also install more PV panels to cover the electricity demand from the kitchen. Stay tuned about our more detailed second collaboration with Paso Libre!

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