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Energy for Refugees is a student-led

initiative from TU Delft committed to

addressing the issue of energy poverty in

refugee camps and communities worldwide. 

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Help with the

energy problem

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Our objective...

is to alleviate energy poverty of people seeking shelter. Energy is a fundamental right for all human beings and the goal is to provide access through sustainable technologies. We aim to reduce the dependency of refugee camps on external parties; such us the government, this way the residents can learn to be more autonomous by setting up their own systems. This will ultimately lead to the reduction of carbon emissions and diesel generators will be a technology of the past. 

Our team...

Energy For Refugees is run by an interdisciplinary team of passionate students from the Technical University of Delft. Coming from different cultures, we combine our skills and knowledge to provide for people in vulnerable conditions in refugee camps.


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Antakya, Turkey

In this videoyou can see our future plans for transforming a school in Hatay, Turkey. The children attending this school, have been affected by the disastrous earthquake that happened on 6 February 2023. Students and stuff of the school have limited access to electricity and suffer from frequent power outages


Education is high on our priority list and our goal is to make sure that there is a reliable supply of energy that enables access to all necessary academic tools. Our vision is to not only teach sustainable methods of living but also provide un understanding on the concept of circularity and bring people closer to nature.

What we've done so far...

Energy for Refugees started in 2017 and has successfully donated sustainable energy in five different locations. Every year a new team of students focuses on a project, where the provided system is adjusted to the needs of the people associated. Below, one can read the maximum collective power of the solar panels installed in each project. 


Kara Tepe camp 2018

Moria 2019

FM4 El Paso Libre 2021 2022

Tuyoor Al Amal 2023 

Our Partners

Warm thanks to...

All the sponsors who believed in our cause and donated to make this project possible.

Before you donate...

Our team is completely comprised by students willing to volunteer their time and skills without making any profit. The costs of this project are only covered by sponsors and grands.

Each contribution is very valuable. If our project aligns with your values please consider donating.

How to 

Get in Touch

Klein-Coolstraat, 41B, 3033XR, Rotterdam, NL

+31 6 28401448

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