Our goal as the foundation Energy For Refugees (EfR) is to alleviate energy poverty of people seeking asylum and shelter by using sustainable energy technologies. The benefits for people living in refugee camps are immediate: They can sleep feeling safe, their children have the lights on at night so they can keep up with their education, and they are able to call their families and loved ones to let them know they are on their way to a better, safer life.

Next to that, we aim to reduce the dependency of refugee camps on external parties in order to make the camps more autonomous while engaging the camp residents in helping to set up the systems.

Last but not least, this endeavour leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions of refugee camps which are less dependent on the use of diesel generators.

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Recently we hosted an interest drink where the team elaborated on the past projects and the project the 2021 team worked on. A PDF of the presentation can be found by clicking on the icon below. Click to learn more before you start applying! 

Successful projects

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In the past two years we have worked on two different projects, one in the Kara Tepe camp and another in the Moria camp, in Greece. If you have supported us in the past or just want to take a look at the work we have done so far, click on the link below.

Upcoming projects

Each year we plan and execute our yearly project during the summer period. Unfortunately, last year our project had to be canceled because of the corona crisis. Happily, we are back this year with a new, remotely-managed project! Follow the link below to know what we're up to this year!


You can help us by making a small donation. All the money we receive is used for the project. We are completely transparent about the usage of our funds. 

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EfR is run by TU Delft students who put their engineering skills to use for people in vulnerable conditions in refugee camps.

The team consists of students from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. 



Recently we had the opportunity to do a second episode with the Cone Podcast. In this episode, our Team Leader Willemijn Peters, and one of the team engineers, Siemen Brinksma, elaborate on how Energy for Refugees is tackling the refugee crisis with the current constraints posed by COVID-19. Our current technical solutions, catering to these constraints, are discussed and explored. Curious? 


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All of the work we have done is thanks to the wonderful people and organisations who made a contribution to us! Here's a list of our current donors: